Monday, October 6, 2008


We recently went to Las Vegas and oh boy HOWDY did we have fun!! The weekend was a whirlwind of dinners out and gambling and dressing up all glitzy. We stayed at the Venetian which was super nice. It is only a trip I can do every once in a while though...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Life is Good

Ok things are looking up since the last post. I decided to breathe some life back into myself and GET HAPPY! I've had a sore throat this week but other than that everything is rolling along quite nicely. Michael is just about on his last nerve with the boys and girls club. He seems happy when I pick him up but OMG the complaining!!!! He whines about going and says that they serve tuna every day (his least favorite food on the planet)! Every day?? I don't think so. Tomorrow the kids and I are going to spend the day buying stuff for camp. Angie bought Michael all of his bathroom things, a big new towel and some "manly body wash" which was nice. Well, I guess I will sign off for now.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Naknek Blues

Now I know that if both women and men were polled and asked whether they would enjoy a six week vacation from their spouse once a year, the answer would be an overwhelming yes. But let me tell you something straight from the heart...IT SUCKS!!!! I miss him. I miss the sound of the T.V. and him being out in the garage and the way he anally organizes the canned food. Thank God I have my summer partner, Michael. He doesn't give me a chance to be lonely because he talks to me non-stop from the time we wake up in the morning until I have to make him be quiet in bed at night. Nooooo it's not that bad, but still. I fare pretty well here alone (Jamie's usually gone all summer) these days, but when I get those phone calls every once in a great while from him it sounds like he's on the other side of the world. It's really noisy and he's like yelling because he can't hear me very well. I just get kind of sad and heavy. But of course then I feel stupid for feeling sorry for myself when I think about what he is actually guts, big waves no sleep no food and the ultimate worst for Joe...the wet cigarette! I'm sure I will survive and I know I could have a lot worse problems than missing Joe and it would take forever to name all of the things I have to be thankful for. So for now I will say this: Be safe Joe.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hi Everyone....

Happy June! Almost summer...the kids are on their final week before school gets out and the days seem to be going by so fast. I can remember that feeling, you know, turning in all of your text books, end of the year parties, field trips, etc. Except when I was little it was really HOT the last week of school. Here it is chilly and breezy. I guess Andy was right when he said, "There's nuthin like the coast." He's said a few other memorable sayings that are worth remembering, which I will try to remember and include when I can. haha. It looks like it's going to be a "regular" summer for us. My family totally disbands in the summertime. Joe is off to Alaska and Jamie has a full calendar (away from home). Her plans are as follows: Weekend with her dad when school gets out and then to Granny's for X number of weeks (to be determined by how much fun they have). Then to Gustine for 4th of July week. Then to camp for a week and home for a couple of days before we leave to Disneyland. Big major school clothes shopping for high school and then to whatever family trip we plan for MY birthday weekend (I'm thinking Kinocti Harbor...anyone who wants to go is welcome!) Whew! It makes me tired (and broke) just thinking about it. K that's all for now.